Gyeongju: Photo Diary

Back in June, Allie, our friend Madhuri and I spent the weekend in the beautiful city of Gyeongju, in South Gyeongsang province. Having not left Seoul since October last year, besides my trip home to the UK at Christmas, it was a welcome break from the hustle, bustle and overpowering architecture of Seoul.

Gyeongju is a stunning city with an incredible history that runs through the veins of the city and reveals itself nearly everywhere you look. As an introduction to the ancient capital of the Silla dynasty, I wanted to share some (read: a lot) of the photos that I took during our trip along with a few little notes about the places we visited.

Our smelly friend at our hanok acommodation.
Cheomseongdae, the oldest astrological observation tower in Asia
Woljeonggyo – a reconstructed Silla bridge
The Smile of Silla – a designated national treasure and hand-carved roof-end tile, displayed in the Gyeongju National Museum
A Silla dynasty crown and jewellery
Bulguksa – a Buddhist temple on the top of a mountain
The view over the valley from Seokguram Grotto, a UNESCO World Heritage site along with Bulguksa complex.
Me, Allie and Madhuri, at Wolji Pond, part of the Donggung (Palace) complex,

Gyeongju really is a beautiful place. I loved the city’s low skyline, the peace of the hanok village, and the adorable cafe street that we stayed on. It’s the perfect place ti visit for a short trip out of Seoul, and it left me feeling refreshed and ready to head back to the city.

Have you ever been to Gyeongju? If not, where would be your first stop?
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