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Korea’s Only Empress: The Queen Min Tour

The Joseon Dynasty, arguably Korea’s best-known dynastical period, began in 1392 and lasted just over five centuries. It ended with the annexation of Korea by the Japanese in 1905, after…

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5 Day Trips From Seoul Not In Your Guide Book

We all need a break from the big city. We've chosen our top 5 day trips outside of Seoul that you won't find in your guide book.…

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Temple Etiquette in Korea

When I became a Buddhist at the age of 16, I realized that my faith was something that many people connected with, regardless of what they identified themselves as spiritually.…

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Chodang Tofu Village, Gangneung | 초당두부마을, 강릉

Making a trip to Gangneung and can't decide what to eat? Look no further! Chodang Tofu Village offers both tofu-based meals and desserts designed to please.…

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Cafe Skön, Yeonnam-dong

Instagram is the main way that I find cafés to visit here in Seoul, and Cafe Skön was one of those ‘gram spots that I immediately put on my list.…

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Nammi Plant Lab

One of the best vegan spots in Seoul, Nammi Plant Lab is complete with a full menu, bakery and calming atmosphere. Come for the food, stay for the charm.…

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Seoul’s Spring Blossoms: Social Distancing Edition

‘Social distancing’ – it’s the key phrase of the season. It’s also making everyone a little uncomfortable to go out exploring for fear of either being vilified or catching the…

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Raising (And Keeping!) A Cat in Korea

Are you a cat lover? Wondering how to raise one? We discuss the most important things you need to know aboout raising and keeping a cat in Korea.…

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Andong, Korea – Photo Diary

A collection of photos from a 2 day trip to Andong, South Korea.…

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Seoul Is the Most Romantic City on Earth. Here’s Why.

For me, Seoul beats out Paris for romance. But why? Enter the inner workings of my mind to get a taste of why this city is the most romantic city…

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