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Seoul Is the Most Romantic City on Earth. Here’s Why.

For me, Seoul beats out Paris for romance. But why? Enter the inner workings of my mind to get a taste of why this city is the most romantic city…

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What’s Han Your Mind: The Podcast!

What's Han Your Mind: The Podcast is designed to create a community of likeminded people. We want to share amazing stories of our home, Korea, with you.…

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Seoul in the Time of COVID-19

It’s hard to know how properly to start this post. How DO you start a post talking about the ONLY thing that everyone is talking about these days? Yes, today…

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22 Non-Spicy Korean Foods You Have to Try

Can't handle all that spice? Check out our 22 suggestions for non-spicy Korean food that you have to try during on your upcoming trip.…

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Dadog Cafe, Seoul

Dadog is a bright and energetic dog cafe with plenty of furry friends waiting for a hug.…

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Café Onion, Seoul

Seoul is a city that has exploded in the last sixty years. It’s gone through so much change, even in the three years that I’ve been here, that it’s hard…

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9 Tips For Finding Your Own House in Korea

We know: living in student housing gets old. Make the most of your time in Korea and easily find your own house with these 9 top tips. …

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Making Your Own Korean Name Seal (Dojang)

The beautiful Korean name seals can decorate any document you'd like in both modern and traditional styles!…

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8 Things To Do When You’re Homesick for Korea

Have you been away from Korea for far too long? Here are some of our top tips for curing your homesickness. …

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Kissa Seoul, Sharosu-gil

Kissa Seoul is a stand-out restaurant in the popular Sharosu-gil area, serving high quality Japanese-style topped rice bowls and other delicious dishes.…

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